Horst Wein A Timeless Vision

Widely regarded as “the coach of coaches”

16 February 2016

The Asian Hockey Federation would like to join the rest of the global hockey community in expressing our sincerest condolences for the recent passing of legendary master coach, Horst Wein.

Widely regarded as “the coach of coaches”, he was a pioneer in every sense of the word. Horst Wein introduced a spectrum of modern methodology in coaching, tactical strategy and development programs, which are used across the globe today in various sports namely in hockey and football.

The news of his passing has come with great sadness to many of Asia and the world’s top-level coaches, who have long regarded him as a mentor and a source of inspiration. His book “The Science of Hockey” has been a staple ingredient in the education of modern day hockey coaches and served as a catalyst to the promotion of youth hockey development across the world.

Horst has written an array of other technical material engaging in multiple facets of the sporting world, which have influenced thousands of coaches over the past 25 years. Horst’s “Developing Youth Football Players” has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and is the official textbook of the Spanish Football Federation, among other prestigious sporting bodies.

During his consultancy career, Horst was heavily involved with the likes of football giants, FC Barcelona, Inter Milan and Arsenal. Such was the magnitude of his expertise, which he shared with his beloved hockey, the sport that he played as a young professional.

His legendary contribution to the world of sport cannot be expressed in words alone but what is certain is that the world of hockey has conceded a great loss in his passing. Nevertheless, his vision will remain timeless and will go on to educate and inspire the future of the game, as he did so during his glorious years with us.

As we extend our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to his friends and family, The AHF bids a heavyhearted farewell to the legend that is, Horst Wein.

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