HWL 2016’s first shootout

Round 1 of the Hockey World League 2016 is halfway through.

14 April 2016

Round 1 of the Hockey World League 2016 is halfway through. Today, the Men’s Hockey matches started off with Thailand facing Vietnam. Thailand defeated Vietnam with a good margin, scoring 11 goals against it. Vietnam has had a bit of a bad luck in Round 1 of the league, with no wins to its name. As a result, it won’t be advancing further. The second match was held between Hong Kong and China. Hong Kong lost the match while China scored 16 goals. By half time China had a strong lead of nine goals while Hong Kong lagged behind at a score of zero. In the second half, Jingcheng’s performance was worth applauding as he scored five goals, six in total. He played a great role in driving the already winning team to its victory.

In the third match Kazakhstan and Sri Lanka faced one another head on. Sri Lanka gained the advantage of scoring three goals early on in the game. This advantage made the second half fairly easy as Sri Lanka breezed away through the rest of the game and won the match after scoring seven goals. Kazakhstan on the other hand suffered a severe blow as they lost with a score of zero.


Teams Score
Vietnam vs. Thailand 0-11
Hong Kong vs. China 0-16
Kazakhstan vs. Sri Lanka 0-7

Men’s Hockey: China vs. Hong Kong

The Women’s Hockey teams, after a day off, came back with a bang. In the first match, Brunei and Cambodia competed against each other. It was an interesting match as both teams tried to score a goal. Unfortunately, both were unsuccessful at this, which resulted in a draw. Consequently, a shootout was held. The shootout went in the favor of Brunei as Salawati, Rokiah and Norassikin each scored a goal, leading their team to a win. Meanwhile, Cambodia also played well but lost by a single goal.

The second match was held between Kazakhstan and Sri Lanka. Kazakhstan won the match again. This was their third consecutive win in the league. Sri Lanka however, has not won a single match in the league and unfortunately for them this match was no different.

In the third match, Thailand and Singapore played across each other. It was a very unpredictable match since both teams have been at the top of their performance in every match. Both, Thailand and Sri Lanka had been claiming victory in every match of the HWL 2016. But what is the outcome when two top performing teams come together on the field? A very interesting match, that’s for sure. Thailand however, proved to be the better team as it swooped away with two goals and won the match.


Teams Score
Brunei vs. Cambodia 0-0 (3-2)
Kazakhstan vs. Sri Lanka 2-0
Thailand vs. Singapore 2-0

Women’s Hockey: Kazakhstan vs. Sri Lanka

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