Last day of the pool matches! China remains unbeatable!!!

The teams are closer to the Hockey World League Trophy now as today marks the end of the pool matches

15 April 2016

The teams are more closer to the Hockey World League Trophy now as today marks the end of the pool matches for the Men’s Hockey teams. Each team is striving to keep its place at the top and eventually reach the Finals to lay hands on the prestigious title of winners of the Hockey World League 2016. However, there are still a few matches left in order for them to get hold of this coveted title.

Today, the Men’s Hockey matches started off with Thailand and Hong Kong coming head to head against each other. After making a comeback in the previous match, it seems as if Thailand has resolved not to look back! They are making sure they only move forward from here on now. They defeated Hong Kong in a very eye riveting match where both teams struggled to ensure the other one did not score a goal. However, Thailand proved to have upped its game today and got hold of the win.

The second match was between China and Brunei. China seems to be breezing through to the semi finals. It has won every single match of Round 1 of the Hockey World League 16 which is highly impressive. Today, it won another match, this time against Brunei.

Singapore and Myanmar faced each other in the third Men’s hockey match of the day. Singapore beat Myanmar after scoring six goals against it.


Teams Score
Thailand vs. Hong Kong 4-3
China vs. Brunei 11-0
Singapore vs. Myanmar 6-1

The Women’s Hockey matches kicked off with the first one being held between Sri Lanka and Brunei. Sri Lanka defeated Brunei by scoring six goals against it while Brunei was only able to secure three goals for its team. The second Women’s Hockey match of the day proved to be interesting as both teams gave their best on the field which resulted in a draw followed by a penalty shootout. The Hong Kong team claimed a win after scoring three goals while Kazakhstan was only able to make two. The third and final match of the day was between Singapore and Cambodia. Singapore made a strong opening and was able to score five goals by half time. With an edge of five goals while Cambodia had not even scored a single goal, it was inevitable that Singapore would win the match. Sure enough by the end of the match, Singapore had scored 14 goals leading it to its third win in HWL 16!


Teams Score
Sri Lanka vs. Brunei 6-3
Kazakhstan vs. Hong Kong 1-1 (2-3)
Singapore vs. Cambodia 14-0

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