The Hawke’s Bay Cup – It is a wrap!

The Hawke's Bay Cup which was a nine day event, started off on the 2nd of April and culminated on the 10th.

12 April 2016

The Hawke’s Bay Cup which was a nine day event, started off on the 2nd of April and culminated on the 10th. The event, which was part of the Festival of Hockey, was hosted in Hastings, New Zealand. Some of the best teams of hockey came forward on the field, competing against each other and putting up a great play for the spectators.

After the pool matches ended, the quarter finals took place. The winners of the quarter finals advanced onto the semifinals. This way, the first semifinal took place between Japan and China while in the second semifinal, New Zealand and Australia competed against each other. Japan took over China by scoring one goal while China was unsuccessful in scoring any and suffered a loss. In the second semifinal, Australia experienced a fate similar to China and lost to New Zealand by scoring two goals against three scored by New Zealand’s Black Sticks. In conclusion to the semifinals, Japan and New Zealand came out as the winners and hence, went on to compete against each other in the Finals.

Semi Finals Teams Score Winner
Semi Final 1 Japan vs. China 1-0 Japan
Semi Final 2 New Zealand vs. Australia 3-2 New Zealand

In the final match, Japan and New Zealand faced each other on the field and fought against each other to grab hold of the much coveted Hawke’s Bay Cup Title. Japan and New Zealand both played strong, trying their best to defend the other team from scoring a goal. However, the Black Sticks seemed to be running a lucky streak as they scored their third goal and beat the Japanese team by one goal. Olivia Merry, Gemma Flynn and Kayla Whitelock proved to be angels in disguise for the Black Sticks as they led their team to a much deserved victory.

Final Teams Score Winner
  Japan vs. New Zealand 2-3 New Zealand

Nakashima Mie from Japan and Parker Georgie from Australia emerged as the top scorers of the Cup, scoring a total of four goals each, through the span of the Hawke’s Bay Cup. By means of the event, the performance and skills of many young hockey players were highlighted and brought to the limelight, giving them motivation to improve their game further and reach great heights in the field of Hockey.

Ranking Teams
1 New Zealand
2 Japan
3 Australia
4 China
5 India
6 Ireland
7 Korea
8 Canada

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