SHF all geared up to get the PE Programme running!

Their latest initiative is mind blowing!

25 March 2016

The Singapore Hockey Federation (SHF) is all geared up to produce the best hockey players in the world. Every country’s Hockey Federation aspires to get good Hockey players but few actually implement effective methods to make that happen. SHF is one of such few federations. Their latest initiative is mind blowing!

When it comes to hockey, the Singapore Hockey Federation (SHF) has always made efforts to promote the game. By far, the latest method they have opted for is the best any federation has ever implemented. The SHF is adding hockey to the Physical Education lessons of five primary schools. This initiative is being introduced as the PE Programme.

The PE programme, which kicked off on Saturday 19th of March, is a very clever way of gaining good hockey players in the future. Introducing hockey to the regular school lessons will add more significance to the game and might even shine some light on prospective hockey stars. On one hand, with the help of this programme, hockey stars will, no doubt, emerge from these schools, at the same time the PE programme will also help in discovering child prodigies in the game of hockey.

In addition to introducing hockey, the SHF is doing everything in its capacity to ensure that the programme runs smoothly. They are providing the schools with the necessary equipment alongside providing them with experts in the field of hockey in the form of coaches who will provide training to the PE teachers. The programme is already into the running as the SHF has conducted its first workshop for teachers at the CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School.

The SHF seems to be all geared up and is adamant to get some good hockey players into the field in the near future so that their legacy of good hockey players does not end with the current players. This initiative will prove to be fruitful in the long run. After all the children today are our future, hence it only makes sense that the young hockey players of today will be the Hockey Stars of tomorrow!

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The SHF PE Programme launch on 19th March 2016
The SHF PE Programme launch on 19th March 2016
PE Programme underway at the CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School
PE Programme underway at the CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School
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